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Davy Crockett to give tours of Alamo in new augmented reality app

Davy Crockett’s been dead for 181 years, but the famed American frontiersman who died in the Battle of the Alamo is being resurrected by a group of Austin digital designers to lead tours of the site beginning early next year…. Continue Reading →

Google’s Tango and Apple’s ARKit approach augmented reality from opposite sides

If you ask half the tech world right now, Apple is on the verge of inventing augmented reality. While some degree of eye-rolling is appropriate, it is true that ARKit is going to accomplish something special by being available on… Continue Reading →

Blippar Unveils Positioning System That Bests GPS in Urban Areas

Augmented reality developer Blippar has created a new visual positioning service based on computer vision that is two times more accurate than GPS in urban locales. Positional accuracy has significant implications for location-based augmented reality experiences. With less margin of… Continue Reading →

Apple Augmented Reality Headset In Development – Has Multiple Prototypes

Apple is working on an AR headset which could launch in late 2018 Apple is reportedly testing a number of Augmented Reality headset prototypes, according to leaked details. We’ve heard before that Apple is working on a headset, and Tim… Continue Reading →

Disney’s ‘Magic Bench’ Fixes AR’s Biggest Blind Spot

You sit on the bench, as one does. Across from you hangs what appears to be a mirror. Before you can fix your cowlick, a pygmy elephant saunters over, plops down next to you, and hands you a glowing, golden… Continue Reading →

How The Army Is Using Augmented Reality To Bolster Troop Readiness

Imagine the first time you’re dropped in a hot zone is the first time your boots have really hit the ground. Your pulse is racing, there’s gunfire coming from in every direction, and you have seconds decide what to do… Continue Reading →

Secretive startup Magic Leap is solving the same boring problems as everyone else

New research from secretive augmented-reality startup Magic Leap shows the company has been working on an AI-based approach to estimating the size and shape of rooms, called RoomNet. The paper, written by the company’s director of deep learning and three… Continue Reading →

Starks AR Headset Displays Subtitles for Hearing Impaired

The more impressive demonstrations of the capabilities of augmented reality add another dimension to what we see in the real world. One company, Greta & Starks, is on the verge of launching an augmented reality headset called Starts AR that… Continue Reading →

GE Aviation Pairs Google Glass with Smart Wrench to Improve Process Quality

GE Aviation and their software partner Upskill are seeing success by giving their mechanics smart tools and smart glasses, the latter in the form of Google Glass. In a pilot program at their Cincinnati factory, GE Aviation gave a team… Continue Reading →

A New App Uses Augmented Reality to Let Brands Write Messages in the Sky

Get ready for advertising in the skies as an app called Skrite has launched. Users can upload drawings, selfies, photos or messages directly to the sky—and advertisers can fill the clouds with pitches for burgers, pizza, cars and more. Anyone… Continue Reading →

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