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Why AR powered smart glasses might be Apple’s next big money maker

Google Glass may have been a resounding flop, but some analysts believe that Apple may be able to succeed where Google did not. As a quick refresher, rumor has it that Apple is interested in developing a pair of smart… Continue Reading →

Star Wars toy launch to unveil new ‘Last Jedi’ character

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is still a few months away from hitting theaters, but BB-8-happy fans are about to get a glimpse at a new character as a part of a three-day marketing rollout of toys and products inspired… Continue Reading →

The first look at how you’ll sculpt in augmented reality using Apple Pencil and ARKit is here, and awesome

By now you’ve seen a good number of impressive augmented reality demos using Apple’s ARKit, but you haven’t seen anything like this—sculpting in AR with the Apple Pencil. The demo was shown off on Friday on YouTube by India-based developer… Continue Reading →

The next Pokémon Go? Star Wars unveils huge augmented-reality game based on ‘Last Jedi’ film

Last summer, as the AR scavenger hunt from Pikachu’s universe exploded – spurring a US$7.5 billion market-value surge for maker Nintendo – what’s to keep the Comcasts and Apples and Amazons and Disneys of the world from making our naturally… Continue Reading →

Dev Report: Unity Fixes Visual Studio Issues & View 3D Models in the World Around You Without a HoloLens

Here are a couple of quick bits, and also a little bit of a teaser. If you know of my old YouTube channel and are a developer you may be aware of the “Scale and Rotation System” tutorial series I… Continue Reading →

Lampix’s Augmented Reality ‘Crypto’ Crowdfund Scores $4.5M, Targets $60M

Lampix, a US-based fintech building a blockchain-based ‘image mining’ network for augmented reality or any other computer vision systems, raised 11,111 ethereum (ETH) – a little over $3m – from investors in three minutes during a ‘pre-sale’ crowdsale token launch… Continue Reading →

Walmart Has Put Its First Augmented Reality Toy On The Shelves

While the technology for augmented reality and virtual reality experiences normally feature high-end, expensive equipment, Merge, a toy company specializing in virtual reality, want the products they develop to be accessible to everyone. So far, Merge have launched two products… Continue Reading →

Can food brands make augmented reality come to life?

For a long time, augmented reality appeared to hold potential as the next great tool for advertisers to engage their audience. In recent years, food and beverage manufacturers have started to realize some of that potential — as shown by… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Sets Developers Up for Success with the Windows Mixed Reality Academy Deep Dive

At Build 2017, the annual developer’s conference, Microsoft featured a Windows Mixed Reality Academy. This class was designed to get a developer started creating Mixed Reality experiences quickly. For those of us already developing for the Microsoft HoloLens, while the… Continue Reading →

Webinar: Add Augmented Reality to Multiply Your Industrial Internet of Things Benefits

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is here and manufacturers are quickly adopting the technology improving operations, maintenance, and productivity. The IIot has generated mountains of data, but how can you take maximum advantage of it? The final element of… Continue Reading →

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