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August 2017

Facebook brings its AR, VR, and consumer hardware teams closer together

Consumer hardware is increasingly becoming part of Facebook’s plans for the next decade, and that shift has led to a change in the social network’s executive ranks. Veteran executive Andrew Bosworth will now lead Facebook’s augmented reality, virtual reality, and… Continue Reading →

Augmented reality’s future isn’t glasses. It’s the car

In the next seven years, true augmented reality will likely not become mainstream anywhere, except the automotive industry — and here are the reasons why. By “true” augmented reality” we mean AR that shows virtual objects to be actually integrated… Continue Reading →

How Augmented Reality Is Impacting the Financial Sector

The success of Pokemon Go made people much more aware of the potential for augmented reality technology to impact daily life. However, AR isn’t just useful for catching fictional monsters – it also has many possible applications in the financial… Continue Reading →

Microsoft patents an augmented reality wand

Microsoft has been working on its Windows Mixed Reality headsets for most of the year, but we haven’t heard much about the company’s plans with HoloLens. The software giant unveiled VR motion controllers earlier this year, for Mixed Reality headsets,… Continue Reading →

The future of augmented reality to spark technological revolution

In 2007, Apple released a device that would change the world forever: the iPhone. This device revolutionized the concept of cell phones and ushered in the era of smartphones. After its release, mobile development skyrocketed, fundamentally changing how humans connect… Continue Reading →

Apple AR: Alexa Plays Nice with ARKit in Demo

A developer has previewed a pair of potential applications built on ARKit that can be triggered by Alexa, the resident voice assistant of the Amazon Echo. The demos come courtesy Scott Finkelstein, manager of web technologies at Adelphi University. In… Continue Reading →

Apple AR: Microsoft Developer Lets You Move a Monster Army with Your Phone

Controlling a tiny monster army is not something I’d ever thought I’d be able to do, but it looks like Apple’s ARKit is going to make it possible. Microsoft developer Egor Bogatov has been working on a strategy game for… Continue Reading →

Facebook patents Oculus Augmented Reality glasses

Facebook is working on a pair of augmented reality smartglasses that could superimpose virtual objects onto the real world. In a recent patent filing, the social network outlined plans for a pair of glasses with a display that is enhanced… Continue Reading →

Market Reality: Ericsson Ventures Invests in Matterport

Influenced by the growth of augmented and virtual reality technology as well as 3D computer vision, Ericcson Ventures invested in Matterport, whose hardware and software help companies create AR/VR experiences. In other AR market news, HoloLens supplier Himax Technologies is… Continue Reading →

Augmented Reality Technology May Help Guide Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

A plastic surgery research group has developed an augmented reality system that enables them to create 3D simulations of the desired results of facial reconstructive procedures and project them over the patient’s face during surgery, reports a study in Plastic… Continue Reading →

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